Sunday, January 15, 2012

After almost a year apart, we're finally ALL back together in Thailand! Three loco chicas! We really bring out the best in each other, can't you tell?!
We spent the morning roaming Khao San Rd for a good breakfast joint, introducing Gail to the wonders that are Thai fruit shakes, and having the most hilarious photo booth session together! We've planned two wild weeks of fun; first we're off to the islands for loads of swimming, dares and giggles (sprinkle in a few massages, snorkeling and delicious fish and you've got a winner!) and then it's up North to my home away from home, Chiang Mai!
I can't tell you how much I've missed my besties and how incredible it is to have this final time together before we go off in our separate ways; Inge to the US and Europe, Gail back to South Korea, and me off to Africa.
Bring on the fun! xx

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Adit Prasetya said...

blogwalking for the day!!!!!!! thanks,,,,,,,,,,,

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