Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bestest friends, laughter, beautiful beaches and fruit shakes...if this isn't heaven I don't know what is!
We spent a week chilling in hammocks, catching up on each others love lives, sunning our bums and scheming for our 2013 rendezvous, which consequently will be held trekking up Mnt. Kilimanjaro! 2012/13 is the year of Africa!! Come one come all!
You know you've got irreplaceable friends when the reunion is seamless, like you haven't been separated, living different lives for 9 months...when being together is as easy as breathing. Every once in a while there are hiccups and heartaches, but life is what we do best together! :) 
Safe travels dear ones!  And here's to our next 2013 adventures! xx

Quotes to live by:
"You need to sun your moonshine" -V (after we taught miss South African some new hillbilly lingo)

"We don't not pay we just steal!" -V (while explaining SA)

"Just float like debris in the ocean" -M (said in a very profound, zen tone)

"It could be atomic waste"
"Bust I sparkle!"
"You could grow a third arm"
"BUT I SPARKLE! -(During a night skinny dipping session when we found that the ocean sparkled around us when we moved due to microscopic glowy marine plankton)

"Grab a bottle, I'm peeing magic!"

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