Thursday, January 12, 2012


I know I've been deplorably lazy when it comes to the Self Portrait series. It's always, "I'll wait until things calm down," or "...until I've got firmer footing." I'm now starting to think that it's not about gaining a secure foothold, but learning to move WITHOUT one. Life is unpredictable, things are always changing. People coming, people going, what seems like your happy place 10 minutes ago is now your hell, what you thought was a great job is no longer tolerable...Life is in a constant flux and if you're always waiting for the right time to move, well my friend, the time is now! So here is to the old and the new, what was and what will be. Here is to looking ahead even when the ground is shaky. Here's to looking towards the future and letting the sun set on the past! 
Check out Inge Kathleen's new SP#22! 

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