Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Contrary Bits

I went to the beach…for 5 days. I've not much to show for it but some random tan lines and the sand that clings to my scalp. I find multi-tasking downright impossible with the soothing sound of the waves hitting the shore and the glinting of the sunlight. I start off with all kinds of good intentions of making gloriously meaningful photies or pushing my self to new levels and instead find I've dissolved into the sand, becoming gummy lump of complete relaxation. 
         As I sit here, rejuvenated and peering out my coffeehouse window at the over-sized PP traffic whizzing by, I realize that the soul needs moments of complete unabashed laziness, where only the sound of crashing waves and the heat licking your skin occupies the mind. For me life is finding the balance between the contrary bits of life, between the rocking of the waves and the cacophony of the city traffic, between fruit shakes and hot coffee.

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