Thursday, June 14, 2012

The summer months are upon me and they are full of beautiful things I love: chubby baby hugs, doggy kisses, riding horses in the Mojave desert, long steamy runs, camping, stretching out on green, sweet smelling grass, hiking, long conversations, belly laughs, the smell of freshly mowed lawns, road trips, and ice cream running down my elbow. 
This country simultaneously embraces and repels me. I love the comfort and safety of our lives, the beauty of our country and the smiles of kind people, but I'm astonished by the close mindedness, the religious indoctrination, the segregation, the lack of appreciation for what we have, the inability to see ourselves in perspective with the rest of the world, the unhappiness and dissatisfaction. There is nothing more sad to me than a country that doesn't appreciate its own beauty, that doesn't revel in its comforts and safety, and that takes its plush, comfortable life for granted every day and believes they should have more. If there is one thing I could get people to do every day (aside from traveling and seeing the REAL world) is to find one little thing each day to be happy about. Just BE HAPPY. 

I've been reading about the human personality, and found that there is no genetics linked to our personality traits. Our individual personality is essential habits that we do over and over again and ways we've chosen to respond to particular situations. The bad news is we're not actually that unique to the rest of humanity, the good news is that changing a personality trait (that you don't like) is as easy as changing a habit. Not so easy, you may be thinking, but its loads easier than fighting genetics! So if we wanted to turn our frowns upside down? Well then every time something negative comes to mind or you think something mean about a person, you must replace it with 5 good thoughts or 5 good things about that person. This is my personal goal. Frowning actually takes more effort than smiling and sometimes even just the mere act of looking happy will improve your overall mood. Don't believe me? Try it ;)

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Philfff Rock said...

what a nice enumeration of pleasures (one)
What beautiful shots (two)
what a beautiful thought for others (three)
what a great openness (four)
and finally, five) what a beautiful article!

I totally agree with you but I would not have known so well express it, however, you will agree that is would be too easy as that!

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