Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm turning 27 on the 27th! I even woke up to 27 messages in my inbox. What's the chance of that happening?! The stars only align like once in a lifetime and it requires some serious old age celebration (and a blog post;)! So it's a wild night in Bangkok with friends (one word: pingpong) on my Asian birthday and then hopping on an overnight bus that will deposit me happily on an island with beauutiful white sandy beaches and aqua blue oceans for some serious beach bumming time on my American birthday! (Yes, I totally extended my birthday to TWO whole days not one and I'm considering making it a whole birthday WEEK!)
So dear oldness, you better get ready because here I come! And I'm gonna do it in style! ;)

1 comment:

senopati nusantara2 said...

i like is ok i from indonesya..

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