Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On one fine Friday afternoon, a crew of us loaded up our wee and smoking motorbikes ans hit the road to our weekend adventure at the Floating Houses. 30minutes into a 1hr+ drive, I started to feel raindrops on my nose, so as leader (yes be afraid, very afraid) of our fearless pack, I pulled over to put on my raincoat. Everyone else thought I was crazy, that it wasn't going to rain and opted to stay cool. No worries. We took off again and after literally 5minutes of driving all hell broke loose. If cats and dogs could have fallen from the heavens, they would of...and so there we were, zoom zoomin' on our motorbikes all hunched over in the pelting rain (which hurts like a bitch when going any speed above 20mph) and there I was smiling all cozy in my raincoat. ;)
The floating houses were a little piece of heaven! They took us on a long boat to the other side of a big green lake and there tucked back a little nook was a floating sanctuary. The beds were luxurious comfy things (extremely rare in Asia) and the floor was all slatted so you could see thro to the green murky water below. You could sit on the toilet and watch the fish swim peacefully by beneath you. I seriously considered rigging a fishing pole in the bathroom so that I could snag a couple of those happily floating fatties while on the pot. :)
We had an incredible weekend of swimming, fishing, kayaking, relaxing and playing games!


Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds lovely! Well, aside from the pelting rain. ;)

Inge Kathleen said...

Such a beautiful weekend!

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