Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Self Potrait #9

I've had a ton of different portrait ideas pouring into my brain since we started this self portrait craziness. Part of the challenge for me, is to see if I can take what I have in my current surroundings vs. what I can do in photoshop, and create my ideas. Well, with this one I definitely broke my promise with Liz Lauer to not be so creepy. Sorry Liz!
I figured I tackled the closet last week and of course the natural progression from there is definitely bottles... ;) My concept was pent up emotion, how we bottle up our emotions and shove them down deep inside...I'm sure if we could see our internal storage system of things we've failed to deal with, it would look something like this. Only with TONS more bottles...hmm...maybe that would help this image...This idea of heads in a jar isn't that novel and I'm still tweaking the outcome (all suggestions and comments welcome!), but the feeling of being able to have this portrait in my mind (yes ok maybe i'm a wee twisted) and figuring out the way to make it reality was challenge enough for me to tackle it.
Oh, one more thing:
Dear Photoshop, I ❥ you!

Take a peek at a 1810 Inge Kathleen here! :)


Inge Kathleen said...

Fantastic! I love the PS skillz and the concept ^^

Mandy McConaha said...

Thanks lady. It was a bit harder to knit together than the other one. I'm not entirely pleased with it on a technical level but I learned a ton by going it. For example, it's not fun to insert your head into a tiny class container full of water..upside down. It goes right into your nose and ears...I think I'm missing a fish gene. Also when knitting multiple pics together in photoshop, your life is loads easier if you tackle similar size, angle, and lighting while shooting. So much to learn, but still worth it! Please point out little things that bug you visually. It's hard when you stare at a photo for so long in photoshop you end up missing important small details that are the things you need to trick your mind visually...I think that's why I feel this one doesn't quite mesh.

DelilahDream said...

Get out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DelilahDream said...

Get out of here!!!!!!!!!!! This is so insane!!!!

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