Friday, June 24, 2011

"Foreigners come and abuse the children badly in our country."
These are words and similar messages I heard this morning at the human trafficking prevention conference this morning that brought a number of local and international orgs together in hopes to join forces and start to create a network of protection for these young children and adults who fall prey to trafficking. Each Friday I usually post my "Favorite things" from the past week, however I would like to change it up this week and as I am not thinking very happy thoughts today.
        We have been working with the New Life Center, a partnering org that provides a safe refuge for young women who have been trafficked, to create an interactive maze for the MTV Exit concert to stop the exploitation. These girls wrote their personal messages and hope for the future and artwork that hopefully 30,000 concert goers will have the chance to view here in Chiang Mai.  Above are examples of a couple completed panels.
    It is hard to imagine anything more horrible than the sex trafficking of young boys and girls. The staggering statistics just here in Thailand and hearing the heart rending stories of those who have lived this reality, literally makes my heart throb. My anger towards the individuals when benefit and find pleasure in this trading of flesh is staggering. How can people be so horrible to one another?! How can men with wives and children of their own, come to another country and be such monsters?!
   Today I wanted to dedicate my blog post to what I believe to be one of the most horrible occurrences happening today! I know "Human Trafficking" is a word that we can easily be disassociate with because it feels so far away from us, especially those living in the states, it's not our direct reality, however human trafficking still occurs even in the states and it is the horrible reality of so many little children and adults around the world. There should be no tolerance in our world for this sort of behavior and as a global community, please help by supporting people, organizations and causes that dedicate their time and resources to preventing and protecting against this carnage.
Thank you!

Below is one of my favorite songs that I  wanted to share:
  "It's not about win or lose 
cause we all lose
when they feed on the souls of the innocent
blood drenched pavement
   One day this all will change
treat people the same
stop with the violence
down with the hate
  One day we'll all be free and proud to be
under the same sun singing songs of freedom like"

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