Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You walk into the shop through a quaint wooden door and inhale the scents of roasting beans and brewing coffee, all the way to your very toes. At that moment, everything in the world seems right, radiating outwards from the epicenter of that cozy, sweet smelling coffee shop. It's like a balm to your soul, and you unravel all your cares one sip at a time.
Our first weekend back in frozen Asialand, Inge kidnapped me on a post birthday excursion, and led me up a snow covered trail to a little coffee shop where magic happens. There we sat for hours, cuddling our mugs of deliciousness, and yarning about life, family, travels, personal growth, and the evolution of Minge. It's been an incredible experience to grow side by side my best friend, and to see the world from where we stand now; the future full of fathomless potential. And both of us ready to meet our individual futures with arms wide open!
Onwards and upwards, I say! Onwards and upwards! ;)


Aaron said...

What is that delicious dish you have that appears to have chocolate on it?

I totally want coffee again now.

Chamomile Connection said...

After seeing and reading this I had to go make some kona coffee with chocolate and frothy milk!!

growth depends upon that which we come into this world. we must be patient as we are all at different points of the same circle.

Anonymous said...

She's wearing my hat! Hooray!

Hope you guys are keeping warm :)

lo que mis ojos ven said...

Ho¡¡¡ si los granos de café ese olor delicioso. Tomar un buen café y de de fina calidad , los granos de café recién tostados mmmm es una sensación increíble sobre todo estar con los amigos y conversar 

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