Monday, January 17, 2011

Hot Springs and Pumpkin Pie

The moon has come out. The mountains slowly cool. The New Mexican hot spring breathes with me, our breath steamy in the chilly January air. My fingertips turn white and my skin rolls into a million tiny wrinkles. And still I stay. I stay for the stars and the goose bump and the snowflakes. I stay for the dreams to find me again.
And here I am saying goodbye again.
Once more the journey begins!
Cya when I cya USA!


Emily Katelyn said...

Hi Amanda,
I found your blog via. Katie Barnes and I must say I love your work/website. Keep doing whatever it is you are doing because it's fabulous.

Mandy said...

Aw, thanks lady!

katie said...

these are gorgeous! and i see my friend emily thinks so too! how funny!!

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