Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Philippines or bust!

I saw my first glimpse of the Philippines from the back seat of a taxi cab, the smell of cheap air fresheners and car exhaust hanging suspended in the humid air. I've never been so happy to get bit by a big juicy mosquito in my life! Or to shed the winter layers for a light summer dress! We landed in Manila at 12am Christmas Eve, our little Japanese hostel owner met us at the airport and carted us home, past brightly colored houses and fruit stands fit to make you drool! We spent the last few minutes of Christmas Eve swinging in hammocks, munching happily on watermelon and purple ice cream.
In the morning we woke to the neighbor rooster's timely squawks and sunny palm frowns waving beseechingly outside our window. All day we wandered the streets and no matter what trash strewn alley way we turned down or what private property we accidentally trespassed on or who we photographed, all was magically forgiven with a wave and a shout of "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!"
Next stop, Banda Aceh, Indonesia!!

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