Monday, December 21, 2009

Goodbye to 2009!

On one of many frigid subway rides to work, my Korean friend asked me what I was most thankful for over the past year. This question got my inner wheels turning and the steam started rolling from my ears and out popped this blog baby. ;) After many starts and stops and having to play hardball with loads of good memories, I finally came down to a *cough* concise list.

Rightfully named by our partner in crime, Theresa, for our peer pressured (aka forced) consumption of a teeny tiny, eenie weenie, iddy biddy, insignificant peice of dog meat that was served up to us on a golden platter with great love and expectation by our schools. One fact is for sure, once you've eaten a poodle, you'll never go back, every time a see a little pooch walking around on a leash I wonder how it would taste on a nice lettuce and tomato sandwich! Just kidding, just kidding! If truth be told, I fell to the floor in front of the whole table grabbing my throat and gagging on the first tiny, insignificant, forced bite! Inge, on the other hand, sat there contentedly munching on poor Lassie's right leg!

Hey seoul sista! Thanks for putting up with my endless jabber, shoot sometimes I even bore myself to tears, but you're still sitting their kindly listening. You're a saint! Yes, St. Hooker it is! I'm so excited to share this Korean adventure with you! Let's go hitch hike and eat our away across Indonesia! ;)


katie said...

beautiful post... and how lucky you are to have so many amazing things in your life! happy new year!!

David said...

Sister wifes. HA

Alexander Stawinski said...


Beautiful! Hope all is well.

Happy New Year!


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