Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Northern New Hampshire

In an area of Northern NH (with Maine, Canada and Vermont only minutes away) where the moose population out number humans, I was certain we would see a moose or at least run over one. A reporter and I went inching down the freeway slamming on our brakes at every odd shaped bush and making moosey noises from the safety of our car as best we could never have seen a moose before in our lives. The locals spoke of the animals like they were annoying clumsy rodents banging into cars aimlessly and here we were pesky southerners trying to bribe the creatures onto the road for our own pleasure. Our over exuberance must have scared the moose because after burning gallons of gas driving single digit speeds and watching the roads exhaustively, the one creature we never saw hide or hair of in Errol NH was a damn moose.


katie said...

mandy - i just saw this second shot on the monitor's website. beautiful, and great composition!

Aaron said...


Do you do prints?

btw -- did you use a wide angle lens on the second photo? it looks great :)

Charlotte said...

All your pictures are great, but this one's spectacular! :)

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