Saturday, December 27, 2014


Oh my, I have been a bad baaad blogger, something that was brought to my attention during a wonderful conversation with my older and very pregnant sister. So I slid into my comfy slippers on this wonderfully sunny morning, and put my hair in a lets-get-shit-done hairdo and flipped on the old Macbook Pro. I have decided to re-emerge into the bloggersphere and on what better day than December, birthday. How time has flown, this year has literally run by me, I was only just starting to savor the last year in my 20s and now look whats crept upon me, the big 3zero! Eeks. I'm practically old.

As I look back over the year, I am struck by how blessed I feel. I have officially found a place to be, to rest my whirlwind globetrotter ways and become rooted. A feeling that finally began to sink in as I watched the seasons come back around, one cycle of life in the desert come full circle. The long summer days shortened, the roaring summer heat reduced to a meow and that crispy tingly feeling you get in your nose on an chilly morning run, that's between a sniffle and a sneeze, is back.  I haven't had the chance to watch the seasons go full circle from one spot on the globe for quite a few years now and for the first time I actually felt comfortable. Comfortable with being rooted. (Although don't get me wrong, those itchy travelin' feet come visiting every now and again)  

This year has been a special kind of awesome. I'm thankful for:
  • My awesome man - I'll save all the sappiness for his ears alone *wink*
  • For the  job promotion to Director of the School Aged Department! Don't even get me started on how much I love being my own boss, molding my department, working with interns (and soon i get to hire my first staff member!), making things fair, efficient and transparent! I feel to excited to have the chance to learn to be a good leader! 
  • Bella, my wonderful nearly full grown puppy who greets me in the mornings with excited kisses and snuggles. 
  • My wee house that is finally starting to look like a home.
  • Mini Cooper love! 
  • And this old body that's still hiking and running and is on the road to kicking my little brothers butt in a mud run/obstacle course!
I've been struggling a wee bit with the fact that my career path has led me away from photography. I truly love this new challenge, but I miss the creative outlet that photography and storytelling played in my life. So to fill this void, I have decided to start themed weekly/biweekly posts, just to get the old photo juices boiling again.

Here are a few images from the last couple months. Enjoy!

Christmas 2014 on the beach!

My love is cooking a surprise birthday cake!

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