Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oh how nice it is to escape the city! And have a weekend to catch my breath and tell you about it! 
We've now been in California for 3 months and Ty and myself have carved out a little home for ourselves. It may right now just consist of a blow-up bed and a few IKEA night tables, but we have wild dreams of where we will be in a few months. After a long week of work (not to mentioned a bit of stress) I woke him early in the morning and we packed the car for our weekend escape to Death Valley. As we drove up the 395 and 190 the world transformed before our eyes into salt flats and unexpected land formations. We ate lunch atop sparkling dunes and I crawled around following tracks into brush and as they trailed their ways towards their little holes making guesses of what might have made them. We camped -198 feet below sea level in a lagoon of green amidst the white salt flats and flat rocky land. I went and chased the sunrise with my camera for the first time in ages and felt at peace in the silent morning as the sun painted the mountains beautiful colors. Life is good!

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