Sunday, December 15, 2013

This Sunday morning as I sunk into the comfy Panera Bread chairs with my hot cup of coffee and breakfast nibbles, I realized that two weeks have literally flown by. In two weeks I've started a new position as Program Manager at Antelope Valley Partners for Health which I've come to love! I work with an incredible staff who truly appreciate the skills I bring to the table and value my drive to perfect and take things to the next level. I'm learning so much and never bored, always on my toes, which is a feeling I adore. I get to oversee really fun and interesting program like our youth garden which encourages children in high-risks communities to get their hands dirty, learn the process of gardening and be exposed to from-garden-to-table nutritional cooking classes. This process also gives the children a chance to learn life skills and self efficacy. I will soon be continuing our youth development efforts by working with a local middle school on positive discipline and creating a club that explores social, emotional and health issues through writing, photography and media advocacy (to name a few!). These are only only a few of the programs I'm working on, but I'm really excited about where this work is going and the potential for it to develop in the future. I signed the lease on my first US apartment in over 5 years and realized i literally owned NO household items. My apartment initially consisted of a blowup mattress on the living room floor...which means lots and lots of weekend visits to the IKEA store! (Woot! One perk to having lived overseas for so long that you failed to accumulate all those handy and necessary items for your house, e.g a fridge!) More updates to come I swear! I promise to not take as long for the next post as I did for this one! xx

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