Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I sit perched in the front of a small Cambodian fishing vessel bobbing to the beat of the Mekong River, my camera and lens resting against my knee, my ear trained for the sound of the elusive and nearly extinct Irrawaddy river dolphin coming up for air. The morning is quiet with only the giggles of Rustic Pathways students in the boat behind me and the distant growl of boat motors. The dolphins are understandably shy and keep a good distance from us, yet I still feel the magic of their existence. On this overcast morning, with the dank smell of the Mekong in my nose, I am honored to share this moment with them. And like them, I'm coming up for air. Today has been the first chance I've gotten to post photos in a good while. In under a week I've flown from Cambodia to Bangkok and now I'm in Luang Prabang, Laos. Tomorrow? Who knows where! This summer has been one adventure after another, hectic, wild and both energizing and exhausting. And yes I'm about a month behind on posting photos...So below are a few photos from my Island Hopping trip in Southern Thailand. More to come very very soon! 

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