Monday, June 17, 2013

Hill Tribe

Just finishing up the first week at the Hill Tribe Children's Home in Mae Sariang, Thailand and what a week it has been! We've been introducing 17 western teenagers to the joys of squaty potties, bucket showers, resident lizards and creepy bugs, menial labor, Karen weaving and dress, and two baby Thai bears. I started a running group which turned into 3 miles of them asking me a million questions and me gasping out answers. They're such a wonderful age, so full of curiosity and questions about the world, particularly this one they've never seen before. It's fun to see Thailand through their young, fresh eyes and to watch their world expand day by day. In the process I've managed to crispy critter my lovely macbook pro (my poor baby!) and obtain an impressive collection of bug bites, but if I've learned anything after years of continent hopping, you just have to go with it and say 'sabai sabai.'

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Wauw!! incredible photos :O you're good :)

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