Friday, November 30, 2012

This photo just cracks me up every time I look at it and I thought the blog could use a little sense of humor this weekend! There's really nothing more sweet than a speedo clad stranger giving you the "WTF mate" stare when, now let's be serious here, who looks more ridiculous?! The making of this image (well part of it anyway) came from our deep pride in the fact that we had thwarted the throngs (if I never hear "Wanta buy bracelet? laterr? If you need bracelet you come to me okaay" it will be too soon!) and the evil tuk-tuk drivers who like to charge exorbitant amounts and steal luggage as compensation (baad experience). 

We stayed on Otres beach, a little slice of heaven on earth with bungalows right on the sand, bonfires and waking up to the peaceful sound of lapping waves. We rented a motorbike (which I got to caption!) and for 6 days we made tuk-tuk and moto drivers alike weep as we whizzed by on our shiny steed (at the crazy cost of $8 bucks a pop, they missed out on some pretty pennies!). 

In celebration of our genius, we decided to take a photo of our amazingness. I set the camera on a car trunk, switched the timer on and we ran like a crazy people to get situated. "How do I pose?!" 
"I don't know, just look silly!" At that precise moment Sir Speedo sauntered buy and an absolutely brilliant moment was captured in time. 
Enjoy! :)

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