Monday, October 8, 2012

I spent my first weekend in Cambodia in a small town tucked along side the sleepy Kampot river. Our morning alarm clock was the steady chug of fishing boat motors as they headed upstream to find the best fishing holes. At night, the happy tree frogs lolled us to sleep with their boisterous song. We spent the mornings sitting on the dock, our toes swinging out over the surface of the water, watching the sun paint the passing boats in bright colors.

The Aziza family spent this time together reflecting on the past few years, building a strong sense of unity and discovering a common goal for the future. For me, it was a perfect introduction to my new family and home. Mom Phat taught me how to call the wind, Sothearwat taught me that the most perfect Cambodian woman has white, cold skin and is fat, and together we blissfully ate fresh crab and Kampot peppers.

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