Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Farewell Chiang Mai!
I'm leaving some of my favorite people in the world behind in that great little city. These past two weeks leading up to my continent hop to Africa have been so beautiful, creating memories I will keep for a lifetime. I wont lie, I bawled like a baby as my bus pulled away from the station and we drove the familiar streets one last time, his hunched figure growing smaller and smaller in the windshield. Beside me, my best friend gave me a sweet hug and said, "How great is it that you're crying right now?" So true, what would life be like if we never connectioned or had people and relationships that we missed when it came time to leave? Inge, my bestest bud in all the world, came with me to Bangkok to say a long farewell that would last us a whole year. How I'm going to miss that girl!
I would never have thought 1 year ago that I would be here. Oh how this year has been full of surprises, growing spurts, and fantastic new adventures! From the cold classrooms of South Korea to the hot fruit filled Land of a Thousand Smiles and now off to Ghana. What will you hold for me? I know one thing for sure, that I am a lucky lucky girl!
The next time I write will be from a new continent and a land full of adventures! Until then friend! xx

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Best of luck for your travels; safe journey to Ghana!

We must catch up soon. :)

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