Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello crazy world! 
Finally SP#16 is up live, it just took a wee bit longer than expected thanks to the wild ways of life.
But sometimes, little speed bumps come along in your busy world and you get the chance to sift through all the road you've traveled and let all the lessons learned settle around you like dust (Can't tell I'm itching for a road trip now can ya?;) This week the lessons are finally settling and I can't say I've learned them right, but I'm working on it! With a little down time comes inspiration and this idea for self portrait #16 which does well in summing up the past month for me both physically and emotionally. But as it turns out, I'm still in one piece! ;)
I would like to send a shout out to Lowell, thanks for lending your spooky hands girl! ;)

After nearly 5 months of this self portrait craziness, Inge and I are still plugging away here! There may be some speed bumps on our self portrait road thanks to all the new adventures life is throwing our way, but this journey is far from over!
Be sure to check out Inge Kathleen's beautiful journey at her new location in Thailand!

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