Monday, June 6, 2011

Being footloose for a few years will make you start to think about the word, "home.' It could be your memory of that grey asbestos childhood home in Lynn IN, with its huge old dilapidated barn whose sloping roof you used as a sledding hill (because Indiana is so flat they couldn't manage to make any natural ones of their own). Until your mom found the bum ripped out of every single one of your snow pants from the roofing nails and banned your slipping, sliding fun permanently. Or maybe it's that big white house near Williamsburg, IN, where you used to lay on the warm, broad back of your old quarter horse for hours watching the clouds drift by and listening to him munch and gurgle. Or all the number of apartments you lived in for college, internships? Maybe it's that tiny one roomed Yangsu-ri digs (that turns into an icebox in the winter) with the rows of windows looking out over the Korean village square and you could hear soju soaked Korean shouts in the wee hours of the morning. Or Chiang Mai, where two dogs wait for you to come home with sad brown eyes (my personal weakness) and mangoes fall from trees in the middle of the night sounding like bombs on the tin roof, but make you dream dreams of sweet, sweet mango-ness.
Really, you set up home in all sorts of places with all sorts of different objects; sometimes even other people's objects, and you start to realize that home isn't a place or time, isn't a state or country, or even a house.
Home is where the heart is!
(Oh yes, I totally was just that corny!;)

Does anyone else get the odd compulsion to cart out all the living room furniture to the yard and set up shop? I'm telling ya, it's the best seat in the...(wait for it)...home! ;)

Ever seen Inge Kathleen's barbarian side? Nope?! Me either! Take a peak here!


Inge Kathleen said...

Yes, we do see to be absolutely opposite and it's funny because I did my last portrait on a whim after I talked to my sister, Zia. I was planning to post a whole completely different concept with a feel of my other ones. haha isn't it funny the week you go for the calm and relax, I go for the wild and vice versa?. ahhh we need to catch up soon! p.s. oh and deokso., I had forgotten that.. geez, did we really do that? Our lungs are very healthy ;)

Mandy McConaha said...

Ha, that's funny, I had sort of the same thought process. Monday night, I was going to post a portrait along the lines of the Womanhood for Dummies series, but just wasnt happy and this one kept going through my head. So I decided to shoot it on a whim, see if i liked it better. And yes, we did totally do that! :)

R Muse said...

Mandy - Just saw this old blog piece of yours and it struck a chord in me... from when Tony, Kaitie and myself were moving around a lot. I wrote about home. Here it is:

It all starts at home.
Home can be anywhere,
And Home can be ever changing,
Home is where you live right now,
Where your things are,
Where your loved ones are.

Home is a place for beginnings,
A place to dream and act on your dreams...
A safe haven for initial risks.
Home is the place where you learn to go out into the world.

Home is the place where you nourish your body,
And rest your soul.
Home is a place to lay low...
To mourn…
To pound out your sorrows and shake out your demons.

Home reflects your spirit,
Your essence,
Your ‘Self’.

Home is a place where your heart should be,
But many times is not,
For Home is a place you can go,
When you can’t go anywhere else.

Home is an important place to cherish.
Home is an important place to nurture.
Home is the most important place to be.

Yes… Home.
Home Sweet Home.
There’s no place like home.

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