Monday, May 16, 2011

Self Portrait 03

(except for that one that fell in the pond, clumsy little guy...)

So I've added a few new jungle moves to my life these days...My new workout regime goes something like this: 50 sit-ups *squash creepy crawly* 15 push-ups *squash idibiddy tick* 25 lunges *squash HUGE tick and shoo out misguided tree frog* I find I am now lost in between sets if there aren't moments of insect genocide. I've a very happy tree frog in the kitchen who greets me with a croak when I stumble, in half awake to cook breakfast in the mornings. And I've still not become entirely comfortable with the geckos who scurry across my walls fleeing from me and munching bugs all in one go. But instead of fighting nature, I've decided to embrace it! Tap into the inner animal. Become one with...snails. You wouldn't believe how moody those little guys can be. One moment they're tightly holding on to your arm and the next they're committing kamikaze suicide off your shoulder...tsk. I wonder if they've got anti-depressants for the poor wee fellows. Snail blues have to be the bleakest!

This is one in a series of self portraits that Inge Kathleen and I began at the beginning of May. The goal is not so much to torture ourselves, although judging from this image and those to come you might disagree, but to fine tune our portrait taking skills so that when we find a model willing to, say, levitate in the air, pose on top of rusty ol' washers, or cover herself in slimy snails...well we'll be ready! It's a lot tougher than it looks, trust me. In fact, anyone want to join in the self portrait fun?! The more the merrier. ;)

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