Sunday, April 17, 2011

Farewells and Happy Trails!

Last Supper
I cried all over my last samgapsal school lunch. I should have known I couldn't hold off the waterworks with my favorite little 4th grade students. I'm so glad they were my last class, ever! There was just no way to resist the,"I love you Man-do-lin.Bye-bye" I know you're not suppose to have favorites but there are two boys from the orphanage in my 4th grade class that I would like to steal away with me. One always lays his head in my lap so I can play with his hair and the other holds my hand and tells me that every time he looks at the new teacher he will think of me instead. *sniff* I bawled like a baby. In front of my principle and all the Korean teachers. Teddy, my teddy bear boy, wouldn't look at me and sat sadly in the corner as if pretending I wasn't leaving would stop it from happening. I later found him sadly wandering the empty school hallways telling the teachers who passed by how much he was going to miss me. So I took his little face in my hands and told him how much I loved him and then we rocked back and forth. The rest of the day we made hand hearts at each other every time we passed by. I can't believe how much these children pull on my heart strings!
Later, all the teachers circled around me in the break room and told me how much they enjoyed having me and would miss me, giving me farewell name brand shoes and hugs. I had to make a little speech about my time with them and all the things I had learned from each of them. And I cried again. "Happy tears," I said, as they watched me bemused.
Goodbye my darling Korea and munchkins. I will miss you stax and stax!

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