Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Said Reid as I began to whine for warmth and coffee, two MUSTS in my life that I cant go for more than 2hrs (*cough* more like seconds) without (might as well hook me up to a coffee IV and roll me up in an electric blanket). We strolled around a little mountain side town searching for noodle shops and doing goofy photo shoots in front of a brightly painted wall. That morning we had hijacked the birthday girl, Gail, and sent her on a journey into Seoul with an address and nothing else (ok ok we let her wear clothes, but that's it!). She wound up at a luxurious Korean cooking class and it turns out that cooking classes for extravagant foodies, like she is, is like handing dope to a addict, cocaine to a junkie, a cup of coffee to me...And yes, I am totally proud of being the enabler AND honorary taste tester! After she worked her magic on kimchi and bulgogi, and into the hearts of the chefs, we took her on a short hike up the mountain to the best coffee shop in all of Seoul (possibly the world)! Here the steaming mocha, drizzled with chocolate, sends your taste buds into delicious spasms and makes you think dark, exotic, luscious thoughts...about coffee. No lies, it's that good. Upstairs is a "cupping room" right next door to the ladies room...this day just keeps getting better n' better! (Apologies for corrupting all you innocent minds out there! It really is just used for cupping...coffee...not...uh never mind ;). Days like these spent with friends and happiness are what a whole life should be made of!

And yes, this is usually the reaction I get when I walk into a room. ;) (or when I've got people pinned against a cutesy wall and I'm in the middle of a busy street playing chicken with a huge bus barreling at me just to get the perfect picture! Looks pretty perfect to me, doesn't it?)

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