Friday, December 31, 2010

After almost two years...

I know, I know, it's hard to imagine that angelic little ol' me is related to these wild animal hat wearing beasties! But yes, after lugging my over sized red suitcase onto three different buses (getting the evil eye from three different Korean drivers), jumping onto two planes, surviving the Beijing water Nazis and the 24hr flight (gasp)....and after almost two years MIA, I flew into the LAX airport to be greeted by....(duh duh dum) two glove/mask wearing siblings happily waiting with their hazmat body bag ready to secure the Korean diseased sister. Love I tell ya, truly loved.
We spent a glorious xmas with our aunties riding ponies, eating green chili stew, and hiking one of them until she hurled chunks (yep, grandma Jeanne will never talk smack again!;). We took off to explore more of the Cali coast, stumbling upon blubber bellied sea lions in Morro Bay where we decided to camp the night. We braved the monsoon weather and the plopping vultures who sat in the tree above our tent having a plop-on-the-camper-contest. As we headed inland the rain turned to snow that stalked us all the way to my parent's house in New Mexico where we got snowed in blizzard style. I travel half way around the world to get stuck in the worst snow storm NM has seen in years, go figure! ;) Now the car is packed, the coffee pot set to brew at 5am and the butterflies are spinning expectantly for the next leg of my east-erly trip. If you see two crazy, animal hat wearing people driving like mad in their pimped out ol' Camry cutting a wide swath across Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois on a few hours of sleep and a couple gallons of coffee don't be's just me bringing the party to IN+KY! :) Happy New Years you all! Let's live it up 2011 style!

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Aaron said...

Beautiful pics -- love the hats!

I don't know that any 2-year-coming reunion could have gone any better, and that's INCLUDING the epic monsoon / blizzard. ;)

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