Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time flies....

The world has turned one full circle and once again I am back at the beginning where it all began a year ago watching the leaves change and feeling the fall chill in my bones. How strange it seems that Korea is now more familiar to me than my own country. This morning as I strolled to school my favorite little 3rd grader, Sam, ran and grabbed my hand with his sweaty little palm, and led my down the misty road."Mandolin come," he said proudly in English. The country road is lined with red flowering plants that my little Korean grandmother planted in the spring and with the glee of a happy little boy Sam plucked off the red blooming heads and excitedly showed me how to catch the last drops of sweet nectar in my mouth. We made our way to class sucking on sweet flower petals and holding sticky hands. Sam is my pal, an incredibly heart stealing combination of rowdy, dirty little boy paired with a sticky hand holding sweetheart. Some days I just wanted to steal him away from his orphanage home and keep him for myself.
It's been one incredible year with teaching in Korea and finding great friends, traveling to Indonesia+the Philippines, Nepal and trekking to EBC, learning Scottish dancing, running a half marathon, and stuffing ourselves with delicious food! There are completely perfect moments when I think,
"Gosh darn I love my life!"
Can the next 50yrs be just this ridiculous happy?!

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katie said...

some lovely moments in here mandy... congrats on such an amazing year!

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