Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nepal Bound...

Half the adventure of our vacation time and seasonal Winter/Summer escape from Korea is purely in getting there. It wouldn't have the same flare if our flights didn't have at least 5 connections along the way and maybe a few layovers sprinkled in there for good measure. We like to one up ourselves every time vacation rolls around just to make sure we're doing things bigger and better and making it even more memorable then the last. So, as you can imagine our flight itineraries are starting to get a little complex, our mountains a little higher, and our sense of humor A LOT dorkier. On this occasion, we decided to live on the edge and fly domestic through China at midnight...oh joy. You no longer need an entry visa to touch Chinese soil, however apparently half the country (+ the Beijing airport) missed that memo. I found myself desperately explaining to immigration how I had utterly no desire (zilch, zip, zero) of escaping into their incredibly friendly, always welcoming country with its amazingly lyrical, music-to-my-ears language. I'm not sure if it was my charm or incredibly compelling argument, but they let us in.
After flying through the night and spending some serious bonding time catnapping on marble airport floors, we made a surprise stop off in Tibet. While groggily hauling our luggage through the terminal we asked the attendant the time and he shook his head emphatically and said, "No time." Then he pointed to the ceiling and said "Information." In our sleepy states we stared at the ceiling for a few seconds waiting for clarity to hit and then in usual Mandy&Inge fashion, laughed and gave each other hi-fives for successfully finding the "Land of No Time" where all secrets are revealed by staring at the ceiling! Assah!
And off we flew to the Land where God and Mountains meet.

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