Thursday, May 27, 2010


Spring has finally graced cold Asialand with its presents and everyone from squishy duckies to half frozen English teachers are jumping for joy! However, I am sad to announce that this blog post marks the final few known clicks of my precious camera who has been with me through the thick and the thin, in sickness and in health! She has stuck by me through the torturous pj college years with professors hell bent on making me cry, countless hours of sleep deprivation, and survived 3 internships with innumerable bumps, bashes and bangs not to mention all the near death experiences. In short, we were tight. So after 6 beautiful years together, yards of gaffers tape, and oodles of elbow grease it is time to bid my baby farewell! May you rest in peace...and may the bum, who ever and where ever you may be, who swiped my precious baby have minus Karma points and maybe a run in with a fast moving bus in their future....snif

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