Thursday, August 28, 2008

Olympic Dreams

The amazing Lori Duff (I miss you already!) came up with the idea of doing an Olympic portrait series of kids and asking them about their favorite Olympians. It was an awesome day of running around finding cute kids and listening to their often time hilarious insights. "Michael Phelps is like the fastest swimmer in the world, he can swim like 9,000miles per second," said Emma Williams. Morgan Gardner hoped that Phelps would teach him how to swim as fast, "I might be able to beat him when I am all grown up," said Gardner. Ella Maclean, 5, of Lebanon, displays her weight lifting skills as she does a bicep curl with a 5 pound weight. Her father Matt is a personal trainer and her mother Rebecca has taught gymnastics for years. "I watched weight lifting with daddy and I thought they were kinda silly," said Ella. Mackenzie has Moebius, the paralysis of facial muscle that prevents her from smiling and suffers from bilateral clubbed feet. "They said she would never walk but look at her now, she has no fear," said her mother Heather Rymes.

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